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Optical distribution cable

Optical distribution cable

Productuse  Itisapplicabletopipes,overheadandverticalinstallationinsidethecorridor.Therearefourtypes-strandedloosetubecable,centralloosetubecable,slottedcoreopticalfibercableandphotoelectriccompositec
Product use
  It is applicable to pipes, overhead and vertical installation inside the corridor. There are four types - stranded loose tube cable, central loose tube cable, slotted core optical fiber cable and photoelectric composite cable.
Product characteristics
  • Optical packing density is high, the cable has small relative diameter and light weight for convenience of installation;
  • It has open fiber structure, and optical fiber ribbon can be directly taken out for convenience of bifurcation after stripping;
  • The rip cord is placed inside the sheath for convenience of stripping;
  • Slotted core optical fiber cable uses all dry water-blocking structure without fiber jelly and cable jelly, overcoming the disadvantage that the traditional grease is not easily removed, reducing construction preparation time, greatly improving the efficiency of connection, and facilitate the construction and maintenance;
  • High-strength skeleton-type cable core structure has good resistance to bending and resistance to side compression, which is of good protection for optical fiber ribbon.
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