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Networkmanagementfunctionintroduction  OPViewisthe2nd-gennetworkmanagementsystemdevelopedbyYOTCtomanagePONandEOCequipment.Basedonopensystemarchitecture,itprovidestopologymanagement,equipmentmanagement

OPView is the 2nd-gen network management system developed by YOTC to manage EPON and EOC equipment. Based on open system architecture, it provides topology management, equipment management, configuration management, fault management, performance management and system management functions. It carries out the real-time monitoring and the control of equipment and network, and provides reliable system security verification.


pEPON & EOC Unified Management


OPView executes unified management in EPON and EOC equipment with access-network cluster management protocol. The cluster management server is a module of OPView and is loadable as required. EOC CLT runs as a client and can automatically find its topology connection in the system through the protocol. After powered on, CLT automatically makes a topological connection to uplink ONU equipment, and acquires equipment management parameters and default terminal templates. Consequently, CLT becomes plug and play, greatly lessening technical difficulty for operational staff and relieving workload of data configuration. Meanwhile, the real-time topological changes can be reflected through the protocol on the management interface, greatly simplifying the system operation and maintenance.

  pFTTH Operation: Automatic Distribution of ONU Business Templates


Due to sharp increase of ONU terminals, the top priority in FTTH network operation and maintenance is to shorten the time for service fulfillment, reduce the equipment configuration workload and lessen the technical difficulty for operational staff. By managing ONU MAC address library, OPView creates corresponding relations between the address library and ONU business configuration templates. When ONU is powered on, OPView selects templates according to the corresponding addresses and automatically distributes the configuration. So ONU terminals become plug and play without additional configuration on spot. 



  pMobile Operation and Maintenance

APP for NMS integrates the functions of alarm information check, equipment information check, port flow monitoring, equipment upgrade and configuration saving. Based on bar code scanning,  the functions of equipment finding, automatic authorization, optical power detection, operation and maintenance information check, etc. are available. These functions help the operational staff configure and check the equipment in real time on the spot.

pBatch Configuration, Template Configuration and Batch Upgrade


According to the characteristics of  huge amounts of terminals and similarity in device configuration in EPON+EOC network, YOTC develops functionality of batch configuration, template configuration and batch upgrade, etc. to simplify system operation and maintenance.

pOptical/Cable Splitters Management


By manually adding 1N levels optical/cable splitters to the topology,the physical network topology, such as the connections of ONU/CNUs to the corresponding passive components, can be showed on the NMS interface. Accordingly, the system maintenance became easier.

pHand-in-hand PON Protection View


Provide hand-in-hand PON protection view and display all ONU devices involved in the protection on the view. The status of the primary and standby optical links are marked different colors, (primary link: green, standby link: blue, disconnection link: red.).

pMAC Address Tracing


This feature enable you to locate the topological path from OLT PON port to EOC CNU FE port based on a specific MAC address and show them on the NMS interface. 


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