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Optical distribution frame ODF

Optical distribution frame ODF

Productuse Itappliestolocalsidemachineroomorremotewiringroom,andcanproperlycompletetheintroduction,fixationandstrippingprotectionofcable,fusionsplicingandprotectionofopticalfiber,storageandmanagemento
Product use
 It applies to local side machine room or remote wiring room, and can properly complete the introduction, fixation and stripping protection of cable, fusion splicing and protection of optical fiber, storage and management of tail fiber, fixation and connection of optical fiber and other functions.
Product characteristics
  • Standard rack, dimension (mm): 840 (W) * 2200 (H) * 300 (D);
  • Series capacity, with 288 cores, 576 cores and 792 cores for option;
  • Bottom and top of the rack have the incoming line hole, and way of introducing the cable is customized;
  • It has integrated fusion splicing and wiring unit and cassette installation of FC and SC adapter, with convenient operation;
  • It has clear fiber routing management design, and sets aside enough operation space;
  • Both optical distribution unit and melting integration unit adopt modular design, and single melting unit can be pulled out independently, facilitating the flexible operation outside the rack.
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