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Yangtze Óptica
  As an important component of FTTX system, ODN is the optical transmission physical channel between OLT and ONU. Generally, ODN consists of optical cable, fiber distribution terminal, fiber closure, fiber connector, optical splitter and other matching facilities used in installation and connection.
  As an important part of FTTX, ODN directly influences the comprehensive cost, system performance, reliability and upgrading potential of FTTX.
  With the professional capacity of network planning and designing, product integration and construction implementation, YOTC provides a full series of ODN products covering from headend to user end, including ODF, splice box/ distribution box/ information box, optical splitter, cable, connector and other accessories. YOTC also provides end-to-end solutions and builds up ODN network, which is reliable, cost-effective, easily maintainable and flexible for upgrade.
Yangtze Óptica