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Rede privada
Yangtze Óptica
  In private networks (industrial users, premise network, etc.), YOTC provides FTTX solutions with EPON and ODN products that meet multi-service requirements for internet, audio and video etc.
Yangtze Óptica
  • OLT: high-density and high-capacity OLT C8500, which supports up to 160 PON ports, effectively reduces equipment costs and makes it possible to promote FTTH solution widely. Additionally, box-type OLT C1600 are available as an option;
  • SFU: single-fiber and three-wave ONU terminal M3-0421 allows the transmission of TV signal in EPON network and integrates high-speed data, voice and CATV interfaces into one product. The optional double-fiber and three-wave ONU terminal M8-4211 is available;
  • Special ONU: according to the characteristics of video monitoring (that is also called ‘Safety Cities’) nodes mostly placed outdoors, the industrial-grade ONU series M3-0400GF/GI/GQ is available with working temperature from -40℃ to 75℃ and with anti-lightning and high-grade anti-surge capacity. M3-0400GF reaches dustproof and waterproof IP65 rating, fully meeting harsh requirements for field installations;
  • ODN: provide optical cable, optical splitter, corridor distribution box and information box, etc.