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Rede de energia
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  The Smart Grid covers power generation, transformation, transmission, distribution and consumption. EPON technology provides customers with brand-new solutions for automation of power distribution and consumption.
  As a major communication products and solutions supplier in the industry, YOTC is devoted to EOPN R&D for a long time. According to the characteristics of grid, it developed EPON hand-in-hand protection functionality which effectively satisfied security and reliability requirements in power communication network. Meanwhile, YOTC also developed a suite of solutions for power distribution automation, as shown in figure below.:
Yangtze Óptica
  • OLT: provide 1U box-type OLT C1600 and 10U rack-type OLT C8500, configure various PON ports as required and offer economical configuration solutions for various scales of network;
  • ONU: provide power distribution network ONU, M5-0404 series, with dual PON ports and dual MAC, It is industrial-grade designed and resistant to high temperature (-40℃ to 75℃), high pressure, magnetic interference, thunder and dust. FE ports and RS232/RS485 ports are available at user end. . Additionally, M3-04XX series ONU, along with FE ports and POTS ports at user end for different access demands, is available as an option;
  • ODN: provide a complete series of ODN products covering from headend to user-end, including ODF, splice box/ distribution box/ information box, optical splitter, optical cable, connector and other devices and accessories.
Yangtze Óptica
  With development of communication technology, power communication network is gradually turning into part of IOT. On the basis of FTTH application in the network, the original equipment information collection, system monitoring, timely maintenance, computer network service for end users, audio and CATV service are integrated into one network. Therefore, the multiservice can transmit simultaneously in the network.
  As a major communication equipment and solutions supplier in the industry, YOTC is devoted to EOPN R&D for a long time . According to the characteristics of grid, it worked out complete solutions for smart grid communication demands as followed:
Yangtze Óptica
  • Fiber to the substations (public or private)
  Compared with traditional networking of power consumption information collection terminals, the change lies only in remote communication module while the change in upstream communications of three-phase smart power meter, private substation terminal and Type-I concentrator rests on the adoption of integrated ONU upstream module or external ONU to connect with OLT located at the transformation station or switching station, and then to communicate with the primary station responsible for power consumption data collection.
  • Fiber to the units (cabinets)
  With further increase of the equipment connecting to EPON network for power distribution and consumption, it is recommended that an integrated ONU upstream module be used in Type II concentrator and even in the single-phase smart power meter, to communicate with the primary station through OLT device for power distribution and consumption .
  • Fiber to the home (family)
 Provide FTTH application with widespread use of low-voltage photoelectric composite cable in the future.