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Dear old and new customers:
Wuhan Yangtze Optical Technology Co., Ltd. has always been committed to improving service quality, improving service processes and enhancing competitiveness. In order to further improve efficiency and improve the after-sales service process, the new product return process is as follows:
First, product repair service process
The first step: customer (user) to provide repair product information
When you (including dealers, integrators, users) feedback device failures, please call our technical engineer or customer service representative first, and then fill out the "Maintenance and Rework Application Form" if the technical support personnel or customer service representatives cannot solve the problem. (Very important) Electronic documents, and send the electronic documents to customer service special mailbox or fax the completed paper version of "Maintenance Repair Application Form" to our company.
What are the necessary information for completing the application form?
The * marked in the table is required, mainly including:
1. The relevant information of the bad equipment user; 2. The bad model number and bar code SN number (related to the determination of the warranty period, be sure to fill in the exact); 3. The detailed breakdown of the bad parts;
The device number SN is recorded on the back of the device or on the device board
Step 2: Longguang company customer service representative reply repair proposal
After receiving your “Maintenance and Rework Application Form”, our customer service representatives will inform us of the processing suggestions by phone or email within 1-2 business days, negotiate whether or not to send out bad equipment, and inform you about the maintenance equipment. The only maintenance number.
Step 3: Customer (User) Sends Rework Equipment
After you have received the repair number from our customer service representative, you are ready to send the bad equipment to the designated address.
Step 4: Changguang returns the repaired equipment
We will promptly send out the repaired equipment according to your address on the “Maintenance and Rework Application Form”. After we send it, we will notify you by phone or email to check the equipment promptly. If you do not receive it in time, please contact us in time.
Special reminder when sending your device!
1. In order to avoid prolonging the maintenance time, you must use express delivery equipment, do not post parcels or shipments, and after sending out the equipment at a reasonable time should try to enquire through the entrusted carrier or direct calls to confirm.
2. The maintenance package number should be written in bold in the parcel package.
3. Save the device data and remove unnecessary accessories such as data cables, power adapters, manuals, cables, hangers, bezels, etc. to avoid accidental loss.
Second, maintenance costs
In the product warranty period (as stipulated in the sales contract) fault repair caused by our product quality problems is free.
Even if the repaired product is still within the warranty period, if the product's warranty seal is damaged or artificially dismantled, it will no longer apply the warranty terms. During the warranty period of the product, we will charge a reasonable fee for the maintenance of the equipment caused by human damage or poor storage and poor use of the environment (water, lightning, etc.). If you need to charge, we will fill out the "Maintenance Contract" fax notice to confirm. After your fax confirmation, please promptly handle the maintenance fee remittance procedures and fax the remittance receipt to the customer service representative to avoid affecting the maintenance period. Because we have to confirm the receipt of maintenance money before they can be mailed!
During the warranty period of the product, the maintenance fee will be charged according to the equipment failure situation. Our customer service representative will negotiate with you for maintenance costs and related matters before sending you the equipment.
Third, the repair statement
1. The required information in the "Maintenance and Rework Application Form" is filled in incompletely. If the faulty equipment is sent directly to the company without contacting our technical support or customer service representatives, it is not responsible for timely maintenance. It is up to the user.
2. Our normal maintenance cycle is 1 month from the next day after receiving the equipment from the customer service center. If there are special requirements for repair time or other aspects, be sure to fill in the details, special requirements may be additional charges. If the maintenance money is not paid in time, it will not be subject to the one-month maintenance period. If your procedures are complete and there is no arrears, we cannot assure you that we will complete the maintenance of the faulty equipment within one month due to special circumstances. We will promptly negotiate with you the quickest solution.
3. You must obtain the maintenance number of the customer service representative before mailing your defective equipment to the address provided by Long Light. The maintenance number is provided by the customer service representative. In the future, you need to check the maintenance progress. You only need to inform us of the maintenance number, and you can quickly learn about the equipment repair status.
Fourth, related contact methods
Customer Service Representative Tel: 027-67887404
Reworker Recipients Contact Tel: 027-67887490
Customer Service Fax Number: 027-67887678, 027-67887677
Customer Service Dedicated Email: support@yotc.com.cn