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Centro de serviço

Sistema de serviço

YOTC, as a professional optical access network equipment provider, is committed to providing customers with high-quality, comprehensive, end-to-end optical access network products and solutions. We are adhering to the purpose of "Changguang is service" and provide customers with a first-class experience through high-quality products, a nationwide marketing network, and dedicated product technology services.

Free online and telephone technical consultation
Professional network planning guidance and solution production
Pre-sales service hotline: +86-027-87693126


Centralized dispatching of products by headquarters, efficient freight forwarding
All-weather telephone order inquiry
Logistics Service Hotline: +86-027-87693619

Adhere to providing high-quality original technical services
Professional equipment installation and user training services
Accept fault reports all day and deal with them in a timely manner
Regular inspections and network optimization services prevent problems
After-sales service hotline: +86-027-87693676


In accordance with ISO9001 quality system standards, our company strictly controls all aspects of product design, component selection, prototype development, product trial production, scale production, warehousing, logistics, arrival installation and commissioning, after-sales service, etc., and formulates complete quality standards and controls. The program guarantees a continuous and excellent user experience for the customer.

During the warranty period of YOTC, if the equipment or software provided by our company fails, our company is responsible for replacing the defective equipment and software.
After the warranty period expires, our company will guarantee to continue to provide repair and maintenance for the equipment and upgrade the software. Users only need to bear reasonable maintenance costs.
If damage to products and equipment is caused by irresistible forces such as floods, fires, magnetism, and strong lightning strikes, YOTC is responsible for maintenance, and users only need to bear reasonable maintenance costs.